Posted by: All About MS | June 8, 2011

A Fire at our House

Hi Everyone,

I would like to explain why I have not been posting for quite some time. During the winter months my family and I experienced a house fire. We lost many of our belongings, but not everything.

The fire was at 2:35 am. We woke up coughing and excaped out of a window onto our sun deck in our night clothing. We went to our neighbour’s house where they very graciously took us in and supplied us with blankets and hot drinks

Our volunteer fire department were at our house, taking care of putting fire out with minutes.

I have been somewhat preoccupied with the business of rebuilding. Our house was gutted with just the bare structure left standing. We have been dealing with our insurance company and various building personnel ever since.

We had unlimited insurance on the structure but apparently our insurance broker did not understand that we also wanted unlimited on the belongings, because that is not what he gave us. We are running out of money in that area. Thus my daughter and I are going into the warehouse where our belongings are being stored and cleaning everything. We had to pay: $22,000.00 for an organization to just clean up the house after the fire, $10,000.00 to have our clothing and blankets dry cleaned, this does not include storage of any of these belongings. We didn’t ask for this to be done. Our adjustor arranged for it while we were still recovering from the fire in the house next door. Our adjustor has put us in a house in the city (we live in a small town) that is completely furnished – right down to cutlery. All of this is to come out of belongings.

Cleaning the belongings of smoke damage is not an easy job. We have to use a special cleaner in water. Use clothes to scrub the smoke off, if that doesn’t work we have to use old toothbrushes to scrub with. This is a very slow process. Papers have to be cleaned with something called a Chem Sponge, page by page, section by section.

Please check the amount you have on your insurance regularily. Update it whenever you add $5,000.00 or more to your household belongings. I thought I had. I trusted my insurance broker, because I knew him personally – for over 20 years, therefore I didn’t read the fine print when I received my statement each year.

Please learn from me.



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