Posted by: All About MS | February 23, 2011

Study – Physical Activity Verses Short-Term Disability

Physical Activity Verses Short-Term Disability – Study


Association between change in physical activity and short-term disability progression in multiple sclerosis



This study examined change in physical activity as a behavioural correlate of short-term disability progression in persons with multiple sclerosis over a 6-month period.




Panel design.




The sample included 292 persons with multiple sclerosis.




Participants wore an accelerometer for 7 days as a measure of physical activity and then provided demographics and clinical information and completed the Patient Determined Disease Steps scale as a measure of disability. After a 6-month period, participants provided information about the occurrence of a relapse in the previous 6 months and again wore an accelerometer for 7 days and completed the Patient Determined Disease Steps scale.




Panel analysis indicated associations between baseline physical activity and disability (path coefficient = -0.41, p < 0.001) and 6-month change in physical activity and disability progression (path coefficient = -0.09, p = 0.025).




Such findings provide preliminary support for a reduction in physical activity as a behavioural correlate, but not necessarily cause, of short-term disability progression in persons with multiple sclerosis.

Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine (Feb 2011)
Motl RW, McAuley E;



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