Posted by: Thixia | March 29, 2009

Lack of Posts: Explanation to my readers

Dear Readers,




I would like to explain to you why I haven’t posted very many articles on my blog for the past few months.




I had a relapse in October 2008 and just could not seem to get my sluggish brain to do any research with any amount of understanding.  Then came Christmas and all the hubbub over that.  Our family has decided to make our Christmas presents from now on, and only buy for the little guy in our life.  Making presents sounds like a great idea; no commercialism, no great expenditure, creative, etc.  But, as I didn’t start to make my presents early enough (mostly because I couldn’t think of what to make for everyone) I was up to the wire in finishing my creations.  I vowed that I would start sewing for everyone earlier this year.  Ha, I haven’t started yet for this year.




Shortly after Christmas I slipped into a depression.  Depression has always been a struggle for me since I am bi-polar (manic depressive).  Shortly after I swam up from the depths of depression, my husband was hospitalized with a very severe form of pneumonia.  He was hospitalized for a little over a week.  When he went for his check-up, after that episode.  His doctor noticed that his leg was swollen, red, and hot.  Of course, he was sent for x-rays and an ultra sound.  The radiologist appeared in the room and said that he had blood clots from his groin to his ankle.  My husband was duly sent to the emergency at our local hospital.  After many hours in that place he was admitted and put on warfarin.  The specialist said that his pneumonia was caused by a clot breaking away and settling in his lung.  He could have died.  He has not be able to work since he was in with pneumonia and will not be able to work for another 3 months, that will be 6 months in total.  His leg is still quite red and swollen.




After my husband’s illness sort of settled down, my daughter became ill.  She has had to get monthly blood work done for several months because of some medication she is taking.  Her doctor commented on the fact that her white blood count was up and down, sometimes being very high.  Other blood counts were out off kilter and never the same twice.  That doctor did not seem all that concerned about these inconsistencies in her blood.  Not long after she started going to a different doctor he became very concerned about these inconsistencies.  He has referred her to various specialists.




My daughter has been without energy and sleeps more than is normal for months now.  She is always cold most of the time and is really only comfortable when the house is around 30 Celsius or 90 Fahrenheit.  I, of course, can’t bare the temperature being that high.




About a month ago she informed me that she hadn’t urinated all day and was in a great deal of pain.  Of course, I had to drive her the 40 miles to the emergency.  My husband could not come because he still couldn’t walk at this stage.  An ultrasound showed that she had two kidney stones that were small enough to pass.  They prescribed antibiotics and dilaudin for the pain.  She seemed to pass these stones a few days later.




But, that did not account for the strange blood work and pain in her lower back.  To date she has seen an urologist, an internist, and a nephrologist.  We are now awaiting the results of the many tests that have been preformed on her urine, blood, and body. 




I am so happy that Canada has Medicare.  We have not had to pay for any of the doctors or procedures.  Both my daughter and my husband were able to be admitted to the ER and see their respective specialists without delay.  Within 3 weeks of being in the emergency department  my daughter saw all the specialists and had all the tests preformed, without waiting and without charges.




Needless to say, this has been a very hectic time for our family.  My brain is only just now starting to be able to guide me in my research and interpretations of the research that I must do for this blog.  I always transform my research into layman’s terms so you, my readers, can understand it.










Emergency, Medicare, pain, blood clot, white blood count,















  1. Hello Bonnie, Yes I did wonder what had happened to you, because since my husband was diagnosed (2005) I have been trying to learn as much as I could and also connect via blogs with other MS sufferers and carers. Because you are such a regular blogger, yours was one that I checked out frequently.

    What a burden you have been carrying over these past months. It must be quite overwhelming sometimes. And yes, I do know that when it gets that bad you can’t blog, or do anything else for that matter. I am back blogging again but after a terrible bereavement last year I was pretty much paralysed and could not function at all.

    Best wishes to your daughter and husband, as well as yourself.

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