Posted by: Thixia | November 5, 2008

Stress helped with Bananas

Bananas are low in calories and contain no cholesterol and negligible amounts of saturated fat.  They are excellent sources of potassium and also contain low levels of sodium.  They are a very good source of vitamin B6, providing one-third of the RDA (recommended dietary allowance) for a healthy adult in a single serving.


The myth that bananas may cause weight gain is attributed to the popularization of low-carbohydrate diets.  Supporters of these diets claim that foods containing carbohydrates break down into sugar quickly, prompting the body to release high levels of insulin to escort these circulating sugars into muscle and fat cells where they can be used for energy or stored.  While bananas do contain approximately 24 g of available carbohydrate, it is important to note that their glycemic load number (the measure of how greatly the breakdown of these sugars influence both the insulin response and their subsequent storage) is in the low teens and falls within the range of those foods that should be selected as part of a balanced diet.


In fact, bananas are rated as one of the best snack options, and one medium-sized banana contains approximately 100 calories. Also, bananas contain the amino acid, tryptophan, which has a proven calming effect and are a good source of soluble fibre and vitamin C.


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