Posted by: Thixia | October 29, 2008

a Phishing expedition for you personal information

Hi Readers,

There has been a recent increase in an activity known as phishing. Phishing is when an individual poses as an otherwise reputable organization either through an e-mail or a website in an effort to gain personal information from a trusting customer.

Web server customers are receiving e-mails asking them to supply their user IDs and passwords. When this information is supplied the customer’s account is then being used to send thousands of spam messages to other user accounts.

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you that your server or bank will never use e-mail to ask you for details about yourself or your account, which includes your user ID and password.

Please do not respond to any e-mail asking for personal information even if it seems like an official e-mail originating from your bank or server.

If you receive an e-mail that asks you to provide any personal information like your credit card or account numbers, user IDs, passwords, date of birth and social insurance numbers, do not respond to such e-mails or click on any links provided.

I recommend that you delete all such email and do not respond to any suspicious e-mails, or provide any personal information.

I also recommend that all of you ensure their anti-virus program is installed and up-to-date.


Thank you for your cooperation,




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