Posted by: Thixia | June 29, 2008

Stress 2 of 9


Sources of stress (stressors or triggers)


Noise, crowding, clutter
Cold, heat, humidity
Bright lights, low light
Heights or confined spaces such as airplanes, cubicles, elevators, no windows

Social (Interaction with people):

Relationship problems (family, lover, friends)
Work relationships (boss, co-workers, customers)
Crowds, parties, strangers
Rude, aggressive, critical or competitive people
Unreliable, moody, indecisive or boring people


Rules, regulations, restrictions, bureaucracy, red tape
Deadlines, schedules, meetings, formalities, office politics

Major life events (change in life circumstances):

Both positive and negative life events can cause stress.
Getting married
Moving to a new house or city
Having a child
Death of spouse or close relative
Promotion or job loss
The impact of stress from major life events can last from 12 to 24 months but diminishes over time

Daily hassles:

Small, repeated daily situations that irritate, annoy and frustrate
Rush-hour traffic
Misplacing things
Waiting in lines
Being put on hold (telephone)
Mechanical breakdowns
Home maintenance
Searching for a parking spot.


Compliments of and written by:


Dr. David Posen



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