Posted by: Thixia | June 20, 2008

Stand up to stress

It’s important to stand up to stress – here are ways to help.


Take your medications


Medication is what helps to keep us going.  You and your family deserve to have you in top form.  So please take your medications as prescribed and on time.  If you inject medication please ensure that you inject on time and every time that you are supposed to.


Get enough sleep and rest.


Don’t short change yourself on sleep or rest. Most of us require about seven to eight hours of sleep each night, and more during periods of extra stress.  To get that eight hours you may have to start taking sleeping pills.  (Read one of previous posts on sleeping pills and how they have changed over the years.)  I take a sleeping pill after years of fighting them.  Wow!  Has my quality of life improved.


Eat your fruit and vegetables, 5 servings a day.


Give your immune system a helping hand and give your body the nutrition it needs.


Avoid using caffeine, alcohol, or tobacco as a prop to help you keep going.

If you find you can’t keep up with your schedule, it may mean you need to re-evaluate and reduce some of your commitments.


Don’t overbook.


Use your discretion and selection as to which commitments you’d like to fulfill.  Remember that you have the option to politely decline invitations – or cancel or reschedule a few events if necessary.  Save your strength for the most important commitments.


Give yourself a break.


Fit in some quiet time for yourself.  Slot in some relaxation time on a daily basis even if it is only 15 minutes.  You can’t cope, at home or at work, if you don’t put yourself first.  Before taking on a new commitment with others, or an activity for your child ask yourself how will this be beneficial (for you, for your child, for others).  Will it benefit the whole family, how, in what way?





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