Posted by: Thixia | June 17, 2008

De-stressing -Office Cleaning Tuesday:

Is for cleaning the left side of your desk and one drawer.


Clean all papers, supplies, etc. off your desk on the left.  Put everything in its proper place. 


Now wipe the left side of your desk down with a damp cloth until it is clean and shiny. 


Don’t pile those papers on the desk again.  Deal with them today.  Don’t put it off!  It is important that all tasks from the left side of you desk be completed.


Doesn’t that feel better.  Enjoy your desk now.



The Drawer


Open another drawer.  Tidy it, straighten it, clean it.  Toss all items that you never use. (Or you could take them home or put them in their leftful location.)


Your done!!!


You have accomplished something that will take some stress off you.  You have a left to feel great.  Go ahead congratulate your self.  Reward your self. 


I am a slob.  I usually let everything pile up on my desk.  I don’t throw papers away that should be tossed out. 


I too have cleaned the left side of my desk and one drawer and I feel good about it.  Everything has been put away and dealt with.  My desk is beginning to look very tidy I know I have accomplished something.  I feel good about myself.


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