Posted by: Thixia | June 9, 2008

House Cleaning and Placement


Arrange everything in your home and in your personal workspace for your convenience.  Place furniture where the best place for you is.  Place individual items within each room for your convenience.  (i.e. put a box of Kleenex in each room.)   It might mean placing furniture in strategic places to help you move around the house with more ease and support, allowing you to move about your house without the fear of falling.  This will also make cleaning easier and faster.



You may even have to purchase more than one set of cleaning supplies.  One for the basement, one for upstairs, and maybe another one for the bedroom area.  Your aim is to eliminate unnecessary steps and excursions up and down stairs with cumbersome bundles of cleaning supplies.  Or you could invest in a rolling cart and store your cleaning supplies in it.  Then as you move about the house you will only need to roll the cart along with you.  If you live in a house with different levels, all of which need to cleaned, you might need to buy a rolling cart for each level.


Do not attempt to clean your whole house up at one time.  All of your living quarters do not need to be clean every day or every week.   Divide your into zones.  Then work in only one zone during one day.  If you have children living at home you could assign each child to a different chore within each zone or in the whole house, depending upon their ability.  Clean for one morning or afternoon a week, then quit.  Eventually the whole house will be clean.  This will neither tire you too much nor discourage your children.


Make this a fun time for the children.  Try to work have everyone work in one zone together.  Teach your older children the importance of helping the younger children.  You could use this time to talk and build up valuable rapport with your children.  For part of the time you could play music, making sure that you play each child’s favourite music during this time. 


It is important to give praise to your children constantly.  Then when the cleaning frenzy is over sit down and write individual thank you notes for each of the wonderful things that your children did.  Make sure that you write an equal number of thank you notes for each child.  Some days you could leave a little present for each child along with the notes.  Encourage your children to praise each other as well.  When they do so acknowledge them.  



Rest before you are exhausted.


If any of you, my readers, have any other suggestions for cleaning please let me know.  I would appreciate being able to pass on your ideas to others.


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