Posted by: Thixia | June 5, 2008


A List of Items that Will Be Covered.



  1. Reduce stress and communicate better through assertiveness
  2. Understanding assertive communication
  3. In the majority of situations, being assertive is most effective. 
  4. Assertive  Vs.  Passive Behaviour
  5. Assertive  Vs.  Aggressive Behaviour
  6. The Benefits Of Being Assertive
  7. Learning To Be More Assertive
  8. Honestly assess your communication style. 
  9. Use assertive language. 
  10. Rehearse what you want to say. 
  11. Remember your body language. 
  12. Keep your emotions in check. 
  13. Start with small wins. 
  14. When you need extra help being assertive



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