Posted by: Thixia | June 2, 2008

List of Upcoming Articles for Medications and YOU



1.  Questions to Ask Your Pharmacist


  • What is the medication called?
  • What is the medication supposed to do?
  • How should I use the medication?
  • Should the medication be taken with food?
  • What should I do if I miss a dose?
  • How long will I need to use the medication?
  • Are there any activities, foods, or other medications that I should avoid while taking this medication?
  • What are the side effects of this medication? What should I do if they happen?  How can I reduce or cope with the side effects?  Which side effects need medical attention?
  • Also, be sure to tell your pharmacist:



2.  Buying drugs online – buyer beware…a case study


a.    Don’t second-guess your prescription medications



3. Getting Involved in Research 


a.    Make your voice heard:

b.    What is market research?

c.     Who does health care market research and why?

d.    Why should I participate in health care market research?

e.    How can I get involved?



4. Getting Involved in Research  


a.    Help others:  clinical trials

b.    What is a clinical trial?

c.     Why are clinical trials done?

d.    Why would I want to participate in a clinical trial?

e.    What is involved in participating in a trial?

f.      What should I think about before deciding to participate?

g.    How can I find out more about clinical trials?



5.  Role of the Pharmacist


a.    Pharmacists are ready and willing to share their knowledge concerning:



6.  How to Take you Medications


a.    Take with food  

b.    Take on an empty stomach

c.     Medications that should be taken on an empty stomach include:

d.    Take with plenty of water

e.    Do not take with dairy products, antacids, or iron preparations

f.      Dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, butter):

g.    Calcium supplements:

h.    Iron-containing products:

i.       Antacids:

j.      May cause drowsiness

k.     A variety of different medications can cause drowsiness, including:



7.  Complementary and alternative medicine


a.    What is CAM, complementary, and alternative medicine?

b.    What are the dangers of alternative therapies?

c.     Don’t second-guess your prescription medications

d.    What does this have to do with you?  Only this:



8.  Grapefruit juice and your medications


a.    Do I have to drink a lot of grapefruit juice to affect my medications?

b.    Is it just the juice, or also the fruit itself?

c.     Can I avoid the problem by taking my medications and grapefruit juice at different times of day?

d.    Can orange juice affect my medications too?

e.    Which medications are affected by grapefruit juice?

f.      Check with your pharmacist or doctor to see whether your medications could be affected by grapefruit juice. 



9.  Medical marijuana


a.    What are the effects of marijuana? 

b.    What are the medical uses of marijuana, and is there any evidence to support its use?

c.     What forms does marijuana come in?

d.    Is marijuana addictive?

e.    What’s the status of medical marijuana in Canada?

f.      Who can qualify to use marijuana for medical purposes?   How do I apply? 

g.    Where can I get medical marijuana?  

h.    How much can I have at any one time? 

i.       Where can I find more information? 


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