Posted by: Thixia | May 10, 2008

Swank Diet 2 of 3



During the first year on the diet, red meat is not allowed, including pork.


Of the following low-fat meats, 3 oz. = 1 tsp. saturated fat. You are allowed 3 ounces (weighed after cooking) following the first year.


Low-Fat Meats

·    Lamb (leg)

·    Liver (chicken, turkey, beef, calf, pork)

·    Kidney (pork, veal, lamb)

·    Heart (calf, beef – lean portion only)

·    Tongue (calf only)

·    Rabbit

·    Venison

·    Elk

·    Gizzard (chicken)


2 ounces of the following medium-fat meats = 1 tsp. saturated fat. You are allowed 3 ounces following the first year.


Medium-Fat Meats


·    Beef (lean only)

·    Ham (lean only)

·    Lamb (rib, loin, shoulder)

·    Pork (lean only)

·    Veal

·    Chicken (dark meat, no skin)

·    Turkey (dark meat, no skin)

·    Pheasant (no skin)

·    Squab (no skin)

·    Heart (lamb, chicken, turkey)

·    Kidney (beef)

·    Tongue (beef)

·    Gizzard (turkey)





The following vitamin supplements are recommended:

1 tsp. cod liver oil or 4 capsules (equals 5 grams oil to be counted in your daily allotment). Cod liver oil contains highly unsaturated fatty acids and will give you more energy. It also aids in reducing the number of colds and flu you may have. Cod liver oil is high in vitamins A and D. Additional A and D should be restricted to only one therapeutic multiple vitamin and mineral capsule per day (not mega doses).

1 multiple vitamin with minerals (see #1 above).

1,000 mg. vitamin C

400 IU vitamin E





1. Saturated fat should not exceed 15 grams per day.


2. Unsaturated fat (oils) should be kept to 20-50 grams per day.


3. No red meat for the first year.


4. After the first year, 3 oz. of red meat is allowed once per week.


5. Dairy products must contain 1% or less butterfat unless otherwise noted.


6. No processed foods containing saturated fat.


7. Cod liver oil (1 tsp. or equivalent capsules) and a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement are recommended daily.



The Swank Low-Fat Diet is not a new treatment. Our ancestors ate much less fat than we do, both for economic reasons and because it simply was not available. Today many have returned to this more natural diet for health reasons. The Swank Diet has been helping patients with MS live productive lives for over 35 years. It is simply a diet low in saturated fat and relatively rich in polyunsaturated oils. To obtain maximum benefit from treatment, we advocate its application as early as possible. This is while the symptoms are transient, before a major disabling attack occurs in MS, heart disease or stroke.


The diet should be accompanied by adequate rest, reduction of stress, and the adoption of a mental attitude that fosters optimism and determination to live a satisfying life within the limitations of the disease. The goal of the MS patient is to reduce the attacks and promote a state of remission that will add years of fruitful activity to his or her life. It is our belief that the Swank Low-Fat Diet plays a major role in accomplishing this goal.



Note:  I am starting a series on diets for healthy living.  I, myself, do not necessarily adhere to all or any of these diets.  I am merely presenting them to you so that you may be able to make an informed decision about your own diet.


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