Posted by: Thixia | May 6, 2008

MS Society 60 Years Of Progress, Canada

Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month:

MS Society Reflects On 60 Years Of Progress, Canada

Since 1948, the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada has led Canada to become one of the world’s premier destinations for MS research and has improved hundreds of thousands lives through client care. These are just two reflections to consider during a May, MS Awareness Month.

“The MS Society’s 60 years of service to the MS community has improved quality of life and has greatly advanced our understanding of what it takes to end MS,” says Yves Savoie, president and chief executive of the MS Society. “With a strong vision and deliberate action, we are aggressively pursuing our goal of a future free of MS.”

To encourage others getting involved, the MS Society has released a series of awareness posters and ads on for use by both the media and the general public.

In addition, volunteers from around the country are taking part in fundraising events like the MS Carnation Campaign. Every year during the lead-up to Mother’s Day, flowers are sold in over 280 public spaces to generate awareness of MS and raise funds for the cause. The campaign kicks off with a boutonnière-pinning event with MPs on Parliament Hill on May 7.

“Over the course of six decades, the MS Society, together with donors, members, volunteers, researchers and staff, have advanced the MS cause in measurable ways,” concludes Savoie. “This movement will not stop until we end MS.”

For more information on multiple sclerosis or how to get involved with local MS Awareness Month activities, please call 1-800-268-7582 or visit

Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada



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