Posted by: Thixia | April 26, 2008

Scamp – his many illnesses Part 2


Hello Again,


Among Scamp’s many problems the one bothering him the most right now is bladder stones.


Scamp has had three surgeries for bladder stones.  Scamp’s bladder stones are not the normal kind of bladder stones that many people and animals get.  No, we couldn’t be so lucky.  With each grouping of stones Scamp has the problem that the little stones that are usually passed through the urethra, with pain, don’t seem to pass out of his system.


Poor wee Scamp’s body produces a type of bladder stone that is uncommon.  These awful stones fuse together in Scamp’s bladder.  In their joining to each other they become too large to pass out of the bladder and down the urethra.  Not only do the stones fuse, but this newly formed hard lump develops spikes.  As these new stones tumble around in his bladder they tear up the inside of his bladder.  This causes Scamp’s bladder to bleed.  During this time Scamp expels a great deal of bright red blood. 


As Scamp is a stoic little guy with the first two sets of stones we didn’t even realize that anything is wrong until the blood appears with his urine.  By the second two bouts of bladder stones we knew the symptoms before blood occurred. 


Of course, when he either passes blood or his symptoms occur we phone his veterinarian and arrange for surgery on Scamp’s bladder.  During this surgery our vet, C, cuts Scamp’s abdomen open and lays his bladder bare.  She then cuts into the bladder and digs around with her instruments for the one or two large bladder stones and the several smaller ones.  The larger ones are usually about the size of a pea the smaller ones are as small as the end of pen. 


Last week Scamp again presented with symptoms of bladder stones.

As Scamp had already had three previous surgeries for bladder stones C said that we would have to do completely different type of surgery.  As we hadn’t noticed any blood in his urine C said we had a little time to think this over.  Now, the reason that I needed some time because I had to figure out how I was going to come up with $2,000.00.  That is a big chunk of change.


More on Scamp’s Story later.





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