Posted by: Thixia | March 23, 2008

Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS)

 Functional Systems 

The Functional Systems are:

Results and clinical meaning 

EDSS steps 1.0 to 4.5 refer to people with MS who are fully ambulatory.

EDSS steps 5.0 to 9.5 are defined by the impairment to ambulation.The clinical meaning of each possible result is the following:

  • 0.0: Normal Neurological Exam
  • 1.0: No disability, minimal signs on 1 FS
  • 1.5: No disability minimal signs on 2 of 7 FS
  • 2.0: Minimal disability in 1 of 7 FS
  • 2.5: Minimal disability in 2 FS
  • 3.0: Moderate disability in 1 FS; or mild disability in 3 – 4 FS, though fully ambulatory
  • 3.5: Fully ambulatory but with moderate disability in 1 FS and mild disability in 1 or 2 FS; or moderate disability in 2 FS; or mild disability in 5 FS  
  • 4.0: Fully ambulatory without aid, up and about 12 hrs a day despite relatively severe disability. Able to walk without aid 500 meters (1500 feet)
  • 4.5: Fully ambulatory without aid, up and about much of day, able to work a full day, may otherwise have some limitations of full activity or require minimal assistance. Relatively severe disability. Able to walk without aid 300 meters (900 feet)
  • 5.0: Ambulatory without aid for about 200 meters (600 feet). Disability impairs full daily activities
  • 5.5: Ambulatory for 100 meters (300 feet), disability precludes full daily activities
  • 6.0: Intermittent or unilateral constant assistance (cane, crutch or brace) required to walk 100 meters (300 feet) with or without resting
  • 6.5: Constant bilateral support (cane, crutch or braces) required to walk 20 meters (65.1 feet) without resting
  • 7.0: Unable to walk beyond 5 meters (16 feet) even with aid, essentially restricted to wheelchair, wheels self, transfers alone; active in wheelchair about 12 hours a day
  • 7.5: Unable to take more than a few steps, restricted to wheelchair, may need aid to transfer; wheels self, but may require motorized chair for full day’s activities
  • 8.0: Essentially restricted to bed, chair, or wheelchair, but may be out of bed much of day; retains self care functions, generally effective use of arms
  • 8.5: Essentially restricted to bed much of day, some effective use of arms, retains some self care functions
  • 9.0: Helpless bed patient, can communicate and eat
  • 9.5: Unable to communicate effectively or eat/swallow
  • 10.0: Death due to MS  

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