Posted by: Thixia | March 13, 2008

Study – neurogenic bowel dysfunction

Treatment of Treatment of neurogenic bowel dysfunction using transanal irrigation: a multicenter Italian study

Study design:

Thirty-six patients with unsatisfactory treatment of neurogenic bowel dysfunctions (NBD) were enrolled from Spinal Units and Rehabilitation Centers in Italy. Treatment was for 3 weeks using a newly developed integrated system with an enema continence catheter for transanal irrigation.


To evaluate the effects of Peristeen Anal Irrigation on NBD and patient quality of life (QoL).




Lesion level, ambulatory status and hand functionality were determined in all patients. NBD symptoms and QoL were evaluated before and after treatment, using a specific questionnaire. Statistical analysis was performed using McNemar Test and Sign Test.


36 patients were enrolled, and
32 patients completed the study.
28.6% of patients reduced or eliminated their use of pharmaceuticals At the end of the treatment,.
24 patients became less dependent on their caregiver.

There was a significant increase in patients’ opinion of their intestinal functionality (P=0.001), QoL score (P=0.001) and their answers regarding their degree of satisfaction (P=0.001). A successful outcome was recorded for 68% of patients with fecal incontinence, and for 63% of patients with constipation.

Peristeen Anal Irrigation is a simple therapeutic method for managing NBD and improving QoL. It should be considered as the treatment of choice for NBD, playing a role in the neurogenic bowel analogous to that of intermittent clean catheterization in bladder treatment.

Treatment of neurogenic bowel dysfunction using transanal irrigation: a multicenter Italian study
1 Neuro-Urology Spinal Unit, University of Florence, Florence, Italy
2 Neurourology and Urodynamics Unit, Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital, Rome, Italy
3 Spinal Unit, CTO Hospital, Rome, Italy
4 Urologic Unit, Villa delle Ginestre Hospital, Palermo, Italy
5 Spina Bifida Unit, Hospital of Vicenza, Vicenza, Italy
6 Pediatric Surgery Department, Giannina Gaslini Institute, Genova, Italy
7 Spinal Unit, Niguarda Hospital, Milan, Italy
8 Rehabilitation Institute, Caraglio, Italy
9 Montecatone Rehabilitation Institute, Imola, Italy
10 Gervasutta Rehabilitation Institute, Udine, Italy

Published online 4 March 2008.

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