Posted by: Thixia | February 24, 2008

MS Database

 Dear Readers, I received the following email from a reader.  I think this idea definetly has merit.  What do you think?  Should I run with it?  What kind of questions do you feel should be included in the database.  I could publish the data base on a monthly basis.   

Please email your opinions and queries to me at 

Thank you for reading my site.   


Hi Bonnie,  

I think that we need some sort of data bank where people could register. The registrants could be directed to answer a series of questions like:  

when and where they were born,

rural or urban, 

when did they have their first attack,

where and when were they immunized,

what childhood diseases did they have,

did they have anything different happen in their childhood, etc.  

Questions could be created beforehand by people with MS, any kind of questions that would give us a clue.  I have good computer skills when it comes to programs like Excel and have good research skills as well but don’t have much experience with web sites.  

I was wondering (since you obviously have the expertise) if this is a major undertaking or is this something that could be possible?  And then if it is feasible, would you be interested in collaborating to get something like this to happen?  Since you have a website going perhaps you could pose the question to your readers and see if anyone else is interested in helping out.   


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